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barley straw pond treatmentBarley Straw Pellets
for Ponds


A Natural Algaecide

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients 



Specially Formulated to Naturally Balance Pond Water & Improve Clarity


Faster and Better, less mess and cost, Easier to apply than bales, pillows or pads



Discourages algae growth
Disperses quickly
Revolutionary formula includes natural peats and humates
Direct placement in pond, enhances substrate
Decomposition process starts immediately
Buffers pH
Provides slow steady release of beneficial ingredients by natural, biological activity
Harmless to fish and pond plants
Recommended for use with Microbe-Lift Beneficial and Enzymatic Pond Products
Works year round

Barley Straw Pellets 2.2 lb bag

Price: $15.98



Barley Straw Pellets 4.4 lb bag

Price: $24.98



Barley Straw Pellets 10.5 lb bag

Price: $35.98












barley straw pond water treatment bag


40 Pound Bags

Barley Straw Pellets

For larger pond and lakes



Application Rates for 40 LB bags

Surface Area in Acres
1st application Every 6 weeks dose
30 lb 30 lb
60 lb 60 lb
90 lb 90 lb
120 lb 120 lb
240 lb 240 lb
600 lb 600 lb
1200 lb 1200 lb

Application Chart


Price $126.00 per bag .. Free Shipping