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ap40 tube aerator



Pondmaster AP40 ... Aerator with tube diffuser


Kit includes:

Pondmaster AP40 Compressor, with air flow control valve.

24 inch weighted fine bubble tube diffuser

25 ft self sinking air tubing


Tube Diffuser Advantages:

Self Sinking, Fine Bubbles, lays on bottom of the tank keeping waste suspended.


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aerator ap40 diffuser kit 1



Pondmaster AP-40 Compressor and Disc Aeration Kit - #1

Kit includes: Compressor,

7 inch disc fine bubble diffuser assembly & hanger,

25ft of . "Self-sinking air-line", and fittings

.(all kits are complete, no additional parts needed for installation)



Great application for larger tanks and ponds to 5 ft deep.


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Larger Aeration Kit available Here



Fine Bubble Diffusers


diffuser tube


Tube Fine Bubble Diffuser


Great for mixing from the bottom of the container or pond


22 inches long self sinking 2 inch diameter, uses our self sinking air tubing for air supply.


Great application for septic tanks with small access holes..

Has a small footprint, great for fish tank aeration.

Good for mixing liquid fertilizers, tea making, and aqua-culture, Hydroponics. Aquaponics..


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1 meter diffuser tube


1 Meter Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser

1 Meter ( 3 1/2 ft) x 2 inch diameter ..

Self sinking large area diffuser

Applications: Boat slips, docks, ponds, lagoons, tanks, fish rearing tanks, Hydroponics, Aquaponics.



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